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31 January 2005, Monday


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I have found undeniable scientific explanation of how Morlocks would come to existence. What am I talking?! They *ARE* coming to existence *NOW*, under our noses. No doubt, this bears the touch of the long hands of the post-illuminati order of […text altered by Aquinas Hub filter #8ae3…]

You start with a regular eat-and-drink pub. During daylight, it serves meals, beers, other normal stuff, tomato salads. After midnight, though, subtle changes are introduced in the environment: the lights are dimmed, the music is cranked up even louder and all tables and barstools get crowded with people. Have you, my young science-minded reader, grokked the full extent of what’s happening? We are witnessing the birth of a new sub-species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: the nightdwelling Homo Sapiens Nocturnis. Notice the careful circumvention of normal evolutionary principles: not only are vast amounts of beer consumed, but the specimens are put in extremely modified conditions: densely packed, the dim light covering the anatomical anomalies of the eventual partner, and loud sound safely preventing the detection of any possible mind defects (which would promtply come up in a normal conversation). Thus, the first rudimentary samples of the new race find partners of similar features (occupying habitats with dim artificial light, using mind-altering substances (beer, liquor, smokes, tomatoes), using body-signs communication). Run this setup for another hundred years and watch children and stray animals disappear around such places.

Diarese to English: Been to a pub. Was noisy. Good beer, though.

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