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9 January 2009, Friday

Artificial molecule evolves in the lab

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Artificial molecule evolves in the lab

It’s happened before in silicone: “popular” article, the original research paper.

In short, Adrian Thompson wanted to “evolve” a circuit (using reprogrammable hardware) that distinguishes between two “tones”. He set an “impossible” for human designers limit: use only 100 logical gates (supposedly “traditional” human methods on solving this would take 10-100 times more gates). The result? The evolution came up with a solution using only 32 cells, and of them 5 didn’t appear to affect the output. Strangely though, when these were removed, the circuit wasn’t working anymore. Evolution came up with a solution that worked on intricate effects in this particular piece of hardware, but it still worked.

In unrelated news, Christian challenges atheist bus advert

Mr Green has challenged the adverts on grounds of “truthfulness” and “substantiation”, suggesting that there is not “a shred of supporting evidence” that there is probably no God.

Come on! We all know that Jesus was the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! (collect $1M if you can prove otherwise)

Edit: Also see “evolved antenna”

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