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25 September 2006, Monday

Everything is Connected to Everything Else

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Or EICTE as hazel puts it.

And now there’s a game about it ;)
Don’t miss the “hint” link on the top-right corner. Wikipedia and Google will help a lot.

This is basically a huge test on fast searching - there are so many categories that (almost) nobody will be familiar with all of them. The author encourages collaboration, but it is possible to advance well by just researching the main topics, and connections between known items.

Good luck ;)

18 September 2006, Monday

The Emperor Is Back

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His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico has returned to “lead the way to accountability, and demand truth and honesty from those that claim to represent this Country.”

His means of doing so are still unclear, but obstructions to them have been made by a body calling itself Council for American Liberties.

All this smells strongly of ARG, but ARGN still hasn’t caught it. Judge for yourself:

Emperor Norton’s Ministry Of Information
The Protection Initiative (Sponsored by the Council for American Liberties)

I will use the occasion to shamelessly advertise my (fan) translation of the Norton I chapter in “The Sandman” - “Three Septembers and a January”. Cheers to my Bulgarian readers :)

“Три пъти септември и веднъж януари”

5 September 2006, Tuesday

Banksy Does it with Paris Hilton

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(via Boing Boing)


Banksy (yeah, the graffiti artist) is again at it! Read the story at BBC where you can not only laugh at their total lack of understanding (”Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank“? How about “Commercialism”?) but you can also read several older Banksy stories (if you haven’t followed them already).

(Also, don’t miss the video and the flickr photoset and if you’re into it - the remixed music itself)

And finally, here’s a treat from his book “Wall and Piece”:

He rocks!

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