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17 September 2007, Monday

The Unexpected SQL Injection

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I am pleased to announce that WASC has published a paper I wrote for the security articles project. The project is very nice, because all articles must pass through a critique and voting process by a peer group of security professionals (and I am proud to be among them when not wearing the hat of an author).

The Unexpected SQL Injection
(When Escaping Is Not Enough)

We will look at several scenarios under which SQL injection may occur, even though mysql_real_escape_string() has been used. There are two major steps at writing SQL injection resistant code: correct validation and escaping of input and proper use of the SQL syntax. Failure to comply with any of them may lead to compromise. Many of the specific issues are already known, but no single document mentions them all.
Although the examples are built on PHP/MySQL, the same principles apply to ASP/MSSQL and other combinations of languages and databases.

Full text: [HTML] [TXT] [ZIP (examples)]

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