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14 April 2005, Thursday

West = Routine, East = Art

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Whatever thing we westerners consider a regular daily activity, there’s a chance that the Orient has already (or indeed, since several millenia) turned it into an art. From calligraphy to watermelon carving, from playing computer games to making coffee, from drawing comics to The Kama Sutra.

We westerner copycats can only think of … Starwars Robot Kamasutra?

Robot Kamasutra

9 April 2005, Saturday

Snow sculptures

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Yeah, I know it’s off-season (that side of the Equator at least), but here they are.

2 April 2005, Saturday

Four Word Film Reviews

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The Matrix

  • Humans make bad batteries.
  • Blue pill = no sequel.
  • Popular screen-saver is born.
  • Philosophy for the masses.

LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring, and so on

  • Are they there yet?
  • Weaving wouldn’t, Wood would.
  • Have ring will travel.
  • Gollum invents mono-dialogue.
  • Wizard Gandalf rises level.
  • Gollum gets the finger.
  • Gay hobbit gets wife?
  • Frodo gets manicure discount.
  • Flaming steward forgets bungee.

Hmm, now which movie that comes from: Great lines, little else.

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