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24 February 2005, Thursday

The Bulgaro-Celtique-Nippon Connection

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I am happy to announce that I’ve discovered another fine musician from Bretagne: Denez Prigent (the others are of course the brilliant Tri Yann, a band with 30+ years of history.)

Hear a live performance of Denez with three Bulgarian singers (yes, they sing in Bulgarian) here: Part 1, Part 2.

Hearing again how well the two vocal traditions suit each other, one cannot help but think we have a common ancestry. Hmm, maybe with the Japanese as well? (Ghost in the Shell, title theme)

15 February 2005, Tuesday

Have You Locked The Door?

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Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter…

First it was Matt Blaze with his papers on physical securty, mainly how to crack master key locks and safecracking, looked upon from the perspective of software security.

Then it turned out that the pen is mightier than some of the Kryptonite bike locks, check for example one of the numerous articles on the subject (also has video links how to do it).

And now these dutch guys demonstrate manipulating (techie jargon for not using a key) several high-end locks with up to 15 pins in bloody seconds! Here’s papers and video. They also defeated an expensive electronical chip lock with 128bit encryption with … a magnet.

The most interesting part is the reaction of the manufacturers and the locksmith circles - they actually DO think that obscurity makes good security, and that disclosing these ’secrets’ is very damaging to their industry. How about those people whose bikes were stolen or houses broken into?

10 February 2005, Thursday

Got Smokers in the Office?

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How about countering with a bit of propaganda, then :)

The title says “Association of Pool Pissers”, on account of the saying that dividing a room in areas for smokers and non-smokers is like dividing a pool in areas for pissing and non-pissing people.

If you’re a smoker yourself, take your ashtray outside and stay in the corner. You should be thankful there’s no red dye for smokers.

9 February 2005, Wednesday

Top Ten Reasons Flash Should NOT Be Banned

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  1. Orisinal Games
  2. Orisinal Games
  3. Orisinal Games
  4. Orisinal Games
  5. Orisinal Games
  6. Orisinal Games
  7. Orisinal Games
  8. Orisinal Games
  9. Badger, badger
  10. Badger, badger with banana phone!

And to mix the memes even more:

8 February 2005, Tuesday

Science for Everyone

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(especially some)

“A full discussion of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle may be found in the Appendix. Then again, it may not.”


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