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17 February 2009, Tuesday

Who Speaks for Them as has no Voices?

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Them as can do has to do for them as can’t. And someone has to speak up for them as has no voices.
– Granny Aching, “The Wee Free Men”

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does.

Read it up, the guys fucking sank ten whaling ships. They also currently battle Japanese whaling operations in whale sanctuaries. The Japanese of course “don’t do no whaling” anymore, these are just science research vessels for their Institute of Cetacean Research And Sushi Bar

“I stand in honorable company as a modern-day pirate, though I’ve not shot anyone, burned any ships, looted any cargoes or kidnapped anyone. We are also pirates with a sense of humor and a moral code of non-violence. In 30 years of eco-piracy we have never injured a single poacher, though we’ve sent nine whalers to the bottom. Instead of cannon balls, our guns shoot coconut cream and chocolate pie-filling. We toss stink bombs instead of grenades and we are so non-violent we don’t even eat meat or fish on our ships. No fish, fowl or mammals have died in the making of our high seas campaigns. What we do is defend the whales from illegal slaughter by ruthless and merciless killers. If people want to call us pirates for that, we’re proud to be so. We have whales to save and Japanese ships to attack.”

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