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1 February 2005, Tuesday

Suicide Bunnies

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Suicide Bunnies is this meme started by two cartoon books on little rodents ending their lives (but neither of the terrorist kamikaze nor of the regular roadkill variety). Examples of these should definitely not (considering most copyright laws) be available here or here.

Some people would object to depicting such mindless violence as being possibly dangerous to minors, so I’m obliged (or obligated if you live across the pond, or have no idea what the pond is) to warn you: If there are any minors near your computer screen, please tell them to go in the other room and play on the Xbox. Thank you.

Our program will now continue with the latest news in street gang warfare. In New York, the Seward Park Rats lead with 15 to 8 in their evening match with the Ghetto Pitbulls…

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