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27 October 2006, Friday

Art With Animals

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Discover your inner artistic nature with the help of animals! You think going to a zoo is fun? But there’s even more fun with animals than holding them behind bars, and keeping the last survivors of species which were hunted to extinction.

For example, the Faroese, in their traditional art form, use pilot whales’ blood for its pigmenting properties in salt water. Interesting, huh?
03Vagar-Bour 133.jpg
02Vagar-Bour 126.jpg
Observe the atristry achieved and the subtle hues of red, that tender rouge, contrasting with the deep blue of the sea and the natural greens of the inland.

Trully one of the marvels of art, this activity is also fun for the whole family, here’s a child playing with a whale foetus, it’s just sho shweet!

And for those unbelievers that think this actually hurts the whales, here’s a scientific paper, that clearly shows that all this is carried on in the most humane way possible. It is written by no less than the Senior Veterinarian of the Faroe Veterinary Service, Jústines Olsen, in whose lexicon the term “conflict of interest” obviously doesn’t exist.

From the pre-cubist period comes this American masterpiece, a pyramid of bison skulls. The artists of the time tried to exterminate the source matherials for their medium in order to raise the price of their works, and almost succeeded.

Here is also a modern Canadian work in the style of the classic pointillists, reminiscent of the techniques of Seurat. The intricate pattern of clubbed seal bodies creates a serene image against the unperturbed blue-whites of the permafrost. The cruel public tries to limit the artistic freedom of the artists by protesting against the clubbing of seals, their very artistic medium, outside of the allotted season. This year they managed to yield a mere 300000 of them, which proved quite limiting to their inspiration.

Images are copyrighted by art galleries of Marco Paoluzzo, ECOP, Wikipedia and Indymedia

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