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3 February 2010, Wednesday

Interactive Fiction: “Monday, 16:30″

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I entered the competition for an interactive fiction game following the theme-word “Escape”. I chose to do a semi-parody of the “escape-the-room” genre, but with more characterization and story than usual. You play a miserable intern stuck in the office with half an hour remaining to the end of the workday. Only, as you find out, time does not really flow when you are bored ans miserable. And there’s also a girl. Soon, physically escaping the office is interweaved with the urge to escape from the trap that your life has turned into. Did I mention the girl?

Here’s a link for the game, try it for a spin. HELP for general help, HINT if you’re stuck. Scroll down the page to vote and comment.
“Monday, 16:30″

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