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12 December 2005, Monday

Geek Chicks

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Now and then somebody (re)arrives at the idea that geek is sexy (or at least sells well to geeks bound to their computers in their parents’ cellars (the so-called geeky bestcellar ;) ). This time someone decided to make a calendar of real female IT geeks (yes, amazingly they are NOT a myth). Sample on the right.

Well, fellow geeks, I think they certainly missed that one:
Marcela BovioMarcela BovioMarcela Bovio

This is the singer of Mexican band Elfonia, who also features as vocal in Arjen Lucassen’s Ayreon masterpiece The Human Equation. She’s also the frontm.., err, the frontperson of Arjen’s new project, Stream of Passion, which also deserves a fair hearing.

Since now is the time you should tear your brain off the photos and ask wtf is the connection with geek chicks, you are awarded with the revelation that not only the girl plays the flute since 6, studies violin and singing since her teens and is lately hitting jazz harmonies lessons, but in her real-life ™ day-time job she’s a developer, doing “mostly web application design and coding“.

You may now proceed salivating.


  1. One more interview with the frontwoman (!).
    It says it has the copyright of the photos;)

    Comment by Haz — 14 December 2005, Wednesday @ 22:21

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