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22 November 2005, Tuesday


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(Yeah, whoever knows me may find it strange that I blog about Chess and not Go, but read on…)

It seems that Bulgaria is currently on top of several Chess tournaments.

We have
- Vesselin Topalov as “FIDE World Chess Champion”,
- Antoaneta Stefanova as “Women’s World Chess Champion” (second year in row)
- Liuben Spassov as number one in World Senior Chess Championship
       and last but certainly far from least, (do sit down, please),
- Tihomir “Tigertad” Titschko as a champion of the European Chessboxing Championship.

Expect more Bulgarian winnings on the oncoming International Christmas Synchronised Swimming and Underwater Team Chess Tournament and the Summer/Winter 2006 highlights, European Curling Ice Chess - Female Cup and World Youth Blitz Blindfold Bowling Chess

( Ah yeah, we were also the first to issue a Chess stamp (1947) )

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