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29 November 2005, Tuesday

The Greenhouse

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Finally a proof of the global warming.

The Greenhouse - this is how the sentient gasbags living in the high-temperature soup-thick atmospheric strata of Jupiter lovingly call the Earth, waiting for the proteinous vermin to finally die off so they can take it as a summer residence. The said vermin is divided on this subject in two camps - USA and The Rest of the World. Australia is also said to be a side, but it is hard to get it classified, as it is neither USA nor The Rest of the World.

While The Rest of the World is attempting to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses (check out The Kyoto Protocol), USA is attempting its Nth successive Guiness World Record on emitting carbon dioxide into The Rest of the World’s atmosphere, currently topping the charts with 5.5 metric tons per capita, per annum (profound, eh? :).

The Rest of the World has no idea how to improve the situation, and is maybe hoping that the next global warming enhanced hurricane hitting USA will - instead of killing people and/or destroying their homes - choose a deserted spot (in plain view of the satellites of course) and write in 30 foot Times New Roman:

Just ratify the bloody protocol already, mmkay?
– Love, God

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