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21 April 2006, Friday

Lies Fashioned with the Images of Angelic Faces

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I “found” this forgotten in a folder, a piece from my youth, when “Nu-Metal” didn’t exist as a label, and we just picked for listening bits of anything that we liked. Having labels invites mislabeling.
Anyway, here is the piece. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand even the half of it. What little understanding I have, I used to place punctuation in the lyrics (maybe I shouldn’t have). And yet every word and every note manage to resonate within (me | the selfsame well from which my laughter comes), to carry emotions without understanding. This is art. Or just lies, fashioned with the images of angelic faces.

Downset - Forcing Permanent Days Unmoving

This minute is hard and it walks an unfit honest mile, alone.
The truth laid out to wait, rest well and die cold.
I know the method: lips drawn wide to turn and sway, to smile behind the biting tongue.
Each of us danced well in lies - the hand, the handle and the sword.

There are those of us who will embrace lies,
and yet if it comforts us, we will do what lies do.
When I confess there is no truth, demons remain sleepless again in love with blood starved souls forgotten without sounds… Between birth and death lies will whisper deepest disintegrations before the living.
Lies fashioned with the images of angelic faces.
It grows into a stillness and we will respond lies.
Can I speak of deepest deaths unseen?
Pearl teardrops will fall from the faces of undeserved suffering…
Forcing permanent days unmoving…
Forcing permanent days unmoving…

Slicing clean, but not as deep, and what it equals, scars will tell.
Pain runs hard, hate runs clean… and on the floor your whitlings fell.
Because this monster begets the monster:
Myself and the thorn of fear that the selfsame well from which my laughter comes… would also bleed with my tears.

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