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14 March 2006, Tuesday

News from the Evolutionist/Creationist Front

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In an official press release, both sides of the debate announced they have reached a consensus:

1. Humans evolved from monkeys
2. Monkeys were intelligently designed by the Designer in his own image and likeness.

In other news, a group of scientists, without knowing of the agreement have brought out another nail for the ID coffin:

Abstract: The arctic flora is considered to be impoverished, but estimates of species diversity are based on morphological assessments, which may not provide accurate counts of biological species. Here we report on crossing relationships within three diploid circumpolar plant species in the genus Draba (Brassicaceae). Although 99% of parental individuals were fully fertile, the fertility of intraspecific crosses was surprisingly low. Hybrids from crosses within populations were mostly fertile (63%), but only 8% of the hybrids from crosses within and among geographic regions (Alaska, Greenland, Svalbard, and Norway) were fertile. The frequent occurrence of intraspecific crossing barriers is not accompanied by significant morphological or ecological differentiation, indicating that numerous cryptic biological species have arisen within each taxonomic species despite their recent (Pleistocene) origin.

Read the article

(but if you were too lazy to read the abstract, let alone the article, here is it short: new species DO appear. All thanks to our heavenly Father, The Flying Spaghetti Monster!)

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